Park Rules

• Masks and snorkels are provided by our company for the pools in the Seapark.

• It is forbidden to bring food and drink from outside.

• Smoking is prohibited in certain areas of the park and around the pool.

• Our company is not responsible for your belongings lost in the park.

• There is no refund of entrance fee after entering the park. (no rain refunds)

• Sealanya reserves the right to make changes regarding price, date, time and activities. During the day, the relevant activity may be canceled due to technical failures.

• Our facility is in no way responsible for any damage or loss that may occur in the parking lot.

• Children of all age groups must be accompanied by an adult at an arm's length at most.

• Children or non-swimmers should never be left unattended.

• The depth of the pools in the park varies between 0 and 6 meters.

• Do not carry keys and jewelry while swimming.

• It is forbidden to enter these pools without taking a shower.

• It is strictly forbidden to give food to the creatures in the pool.

• It is dangerous and strictly prohibited to enter the shark pool without authorized personnel and without permission.